University of New Orleans


Instructor; University of New Orleans; New Orleans, LA


Initiated, developed, and teach six courses on the topics of book publishing, magazine publishing, writing for periodical publication, résumé development and job search techniques, working in the film industry, and complaint resolution and consumer protection. Also, serve as curriculum development consultant to the University of New Orleans Metropolitan College, having referred nearly a dozen new courses and referred appropriate instructors to the program.




Publishing for Small Press Runs


The course entitled Self-Publishing Quickly and Affordably provided an abundance of helpful information. One reason that the course was so beneficial was because the instructor was Gary Smith. He was always willing and available to answer questions, give positive feedback, and render practical advice. I highly recommend this course if you want to see your work in print. —Margorie Conatser, author, How to Prepare Your Preschooler for Harvard and Facts and Fanciful Tales of the Crescent City


I have had intentions of writing a book or two for years and now it is done. I took Gary’s class and [now] it is published. Gary gave all of us his e-mail address and I was in contact with him many times . . . and without fail he answered the e-mail within 24 hours. I only have 40 books out of the 150 that I bought and am glad to say I may have to have a second printing. —Carolyn Noah Graetz, author, A Look Into the Rear View Mirror


Self-Publishing Quickly and Affordably was one the best non-credit courses I have ever taken. It was very helpful and informative. I highly recommend it! Kimberly M. Johnson


If you desire to see your work in print, Gary Smith takes you from start to finish in terms you can understand. In addition to the valuable information, he is a life long teacher long after the course is over. I would take any class that Gary Smith offers! —Laura Wear


. . . what was most valuable to me . . . was the fact that even though it was three years ago, I am still in touch with you and if I have a question you are always there. Thanks; that is what a great teacher is. —Jorge Irula


This was a great course! There were many details shared that could only be learned from someone who has “been there, done that.” The Self-Publishing course and Gary’s book are great tools to help me get my projects off the back burner. I can now focus on the steps necessary to take them to publication and eliminate a lot of wasted time and energy along the way. Thank you. —Susan M. Delle


The course allowed me to comprehend the complexity of self-publishing, presenting it in small, digestible chunks that make the options and the required steps clear and easy to follow. My strategy is clear and I know that I can do what I only dreamed about a year ago. —Lina M. Cuartas, Colombian children’s book writer.


Having researched my manuscript title now for over ten years, I attended Professor Smith’s Self Publishing course. . . . I not only learned how easy it is to begin the publishing process but also received tremendous motivation to resume and conclude the writing segment. —David R. Kent, Ret., First Deputy Chief, New Orleans Police Department


This is truly a business you can do from anywhere. I feel I can do another book with half the effort of the first. Thanks again for all your help. —Paul Barbano, author, The Bartenders Beer Cookbook


[The printer] was impressed that I was asking so many good and foresightful questions. What can I say, your course really helped to think of the big picture. —Sonya Dee Sonne, author, Song of the Seven Sisters


Your class was very informative and was influential in my making the decisions that I made. Thank you. —Andree Maduell, author, 9/18-EBR-ZERO


I found the course to be helpful. —Jack Peebles, author, The Nightrider Chronicles


Writing for Magazines and Trade Journals


As a writer of 75 or so magazine articles a year for the Maritime press, I found your course most interesting and thought provoking. The handouts and references were especially valuable since this is how I make a living today. . . . In my 40 plus years of writing for trade magazines yours was the first course I have actually taken since college in the craft of writing for the trade press and I had a blast every week. Larry Pearson


I submitted my advice column to [the business editor] a month ago . . . and he e-mailed me back in 5 minutes to say that the advice column has been well received all the way to the top at the TP. I am excited. —Lyn Lobman


I did the query letter assignment and went ahead and emailed it to the editor. . . . Their guidelines said they didn’t accept queries from anyone but “professionals” but I told him it was a class assignment. He actually read it and responded the NEXT day! This never happens to me. So thank you. I probably wouldn’t have done it had it not been for your class. —DeDe Cale


I have never written anything for publication in the past, and your courses gave me motivation and a better sense of structure. —William Lady


Movie Extra 101


I'm so happy I took the Movie Extra 101 class. Not only did I learn how to increase my chances of being in more films, I also learned what to expect and what to do and not do while on the set. Thanks so much, Gary, for taking the time out to answer all of our questions since we are now "Hollywood South" and have MANY opportunities to come! —Melissa Mamelli, Stand-in, Big Momma's House 2


Thanks so much for the experience of the Movie Extra 101 class. Starting Friday I am in Failure to Launch as an extra. See ya at the movies! —Jennifer Valley


Are you interested in being in the movies? Then, this class is for you. You'll learn not only how to get in, but how to behave once you are cast. Plus, Gary Smith, knows almost every contact in the business and is glad to share them with you. —Karen M. Young


REALLY enjoyed your class. I came to class with three specific questions; you answered those three questions in the first 20 minutes of the first class. WOW!!!!! —Drama Mamma Mia (Mary Burns), Actor/Comedian


I must say Gary has done it again; this is the second class of yours that I have taken. In a nutshell, if it is publishing, acting, or both that anyone wishes to pursue, they are selling themselves short by not enrolling in any class that you offer. I will be a lifetime student. Movie Extra 101 has got me rocking and rolling in the right direction! Thanks Gary! —Laura Zimmerman Wear


Movie Extra 101 is a great course for anyone looking to become an extra or looking to start off small in the film industry. The course gives very informative, step-by-step information about becoming an extra, some really great stories of personal experiences as an extra from the instructor, as well as the latest info about what is going on around town. —Ashley Michelle Love


Entertaining and informative! Mr. Gary Smith has developed a complete Movie Extra A–Z course presented in two lectures. Movie Extra 101 and the companion text allow Mr. Smith to share his enthusiasm for the growing movie industry in Louisiana. You will arrive with questions about your future as a movie extra and Mr. Smith's well thought-out lectures and handouts prepare you for that, and so much more. —Mittie Hochstedler


Really enjoyed the class! Both the book and the class were very informative and an easy introduction into the business. —Charlie Howard


This class was just what I've been looking for—how to find work as an extra in film! The material and book used in the class provide a treasure trove of information that will be so useful. I suggest that anyone interested in becoming an extra seek out this class. Gary Smith will jumpstart your career! —Jeanne Wilson


I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to get into the film industry. Working as an extra is the place to start, and this book puts you on the right track. Excellent information by the author since he actually experienced it. . . . the book was very informative to me, particularly in Chapter 2, “Finding the Jobs” section about “Personality.” This is a critical point in the book. . . . really everything Mr. Smith has written in the book is important. —Bill Rainey, bank security guard, Father of Invention


Job Hunting Skills


Gary Michael Smith’s years of experience and vast knowledge of the business lends insight into preparing the proper resume and for interviewing for the right job.  His book, Gainfully Employed, offers much when contemplating how to use work experience, education, and transferable skills to best advantage. Mr. Smith’s class, Job Hunting Skills, is worth taking if you want to be competitive in today’s job market. —Kathleen Newsom