Others' Books

Mr. Smith has published a number of books for writers, while guiding others through the publication process.


Published by Gary Michael Smith


•  Love Letters. A collection by Patricia Gruning

•  The Floyds and the Kampers—Family Histories. A 52,000-word genealogical and memoirs text (author, Ronald Floyd)

•  Forever Yours. A detailed journal of a caretaker for a terminally ill spouse (author, Ronald Floyd)


Guided by Gary Michael Smith


•  The Nightrider Chronicles, by Jack Peebles, Saturn Books

•  How to Prepare Your Preschooler for Harvard, by Marjorie Conatser, Streetcar Publishing

•  Facts and Fanciful Tales of the Crescent City, by Marjorie Conatser, Streetcar Publishing

•  Pegmatology: Pegmatite Mineralogy, Petrology and Petrogenesis, by Karen L. Webber (with William B. Simmons, Alexander U. Falster, James W. Nizamoff), Rubellite Press

•  The Tourmaline, by Augustus Choate Hamlin, MD (edited and compiled by Karen L. Webber, Raymond A. Sprague, and William “Skip” Simmons), Rubellite Press

•  A Child’s Cozy Corner Verses, by Lily Plep, Celebration Spirits

•  Spit/N/360 Degrees To the Mind, by Pearl Buckley, B.L.A.K. Pearl

•  Airborne Troop Carrier—Three-One-Five Group, by William L. Brinson, Walka Books (published by George F. Cholewczynski)

•  The Holland Patch—The 2nd Battalion of the South Staffordshire Regiment at Arnhem, by Simon Haines, Walka Books (published by George F. Cholewczynski)

•  The Road Between Dreams and Reality, by T. Philip Washington, Passageway Publications, LLC

•  Conversational Spanish for Business and Home, by Beatriz Saigal, Rayo de Sol

•  Song of the Seven Sisters, by Sonya Dee Sonne, Windlass Endeavors

•  A Look Into the Rear View Mirror (275KB), by Carolyn Noah Graetz, Magnolia2 Press

•  The Bartenders Beer Cookbook, by Paul Barbano

•  9/18-EBR-ZERO, by Andree Maduell, St. Charles Press

•  Smiles From the Deep, by Carroll Devine, Calliope Publications/Sounds Devine

•  Soulful MakeOvers, by Mary M. Soniat and Karen Hafkesbring, Chapter ’n’ Verse Publishing


Numerous other projects currently are in the works.