Mr. Smith has written a number of books on a variety of topics:

November 1996. The Peer-Reviewed Journal—A Comprehensive Guide through the Editorial Process. Includes Forms, Letters, and Faxes (on CD). Third Edition. ISBN 978-0-9658380-6-1 (author, Gary Smith)

September 1998. The Complete Guide to Driving Etiquette—Taking the Rules of the Road a Step Further. ISBN 978-0-9658380-1-6 (author, Gary Smith)

November 1998. From Bean To Brew—A History of Coffee and Coffeehouses. Second Edition. ISBN 978-0-9658380-9-2 (author, Gary Smith)

September 1999. Publishing for Small Press Runs—How to Print and Market from 20 to 200 Copies of Your Book. Second Edition. ISBN 978-0-9658380-8-5 (author, Gary Smith)

October 2000. Operating Procedures for Association Chapters and Committees—Developing Usable Guidelines for Officers and Managers. ISBN 978-1-930554-00-9 (author, Gary Smith)

January 2004. Perfecting Your Prose—A Guide to Improved Writing. ISBN 978-1-930554-01-6 (author, Gary Smith)

January 2004. On Demand Publishing—Strategies for Printing on Demand, Point of Purchase Book Manufacturing, and Publishing Electronically. ISBN 978-1-930554-02-3 (author, Gary Smith)

Fall 2004. Writing for Magazines and Trade Journals—Finding Them, Writing for Them, and Getting Paid. ISBN 978-1-930554-03-0 (author, Gary Smith)

Fall 2004. Gainfully Employed—A Guide to Job Hunting, Resume Writing, and Effective Interviewing. ISBN 978-1-930554-04-7 (author, Gary Smith)

Fall 2005. Movie Extra 101—Your Shortcut to Stardom. ISBN 9781-930554-05-4 (author, Gary Smith)

Spring 2006. Getting Grease—A Guide to Effective Complaint Resolution and Consumer Protection. ISBN 978-1-930554-06-1 (author, Gary Smith)

Spring 2010. Through the Lens—A Field Guide to Digital Photography. ISBN 978-1-930554-08-5 (author, Gary Smith)