Back in 1994 Mr. Smith attended a Council of Science Editors conference in Chicago. At one of the sessions he met Staci Roberts, Web Communications Director at Chicago’s Northwestern University. He give her and other attendees review copies of the operations manual he developed for his editorial office of the peer-reviewed scientific specialty research journal for which he was serving as managing editor. While everyone who reviewed this 135-page office guide demanded a copy for their own editorial office management, it was Ms. Roberts who was relentless in badgering Mr. Smith to make this groundbreaking and valuable guide available to the general scientific publishing public. Two years later Mr. Smith complied by setting up and licensing Chatgris Press to produce a more generic and expanded version of The Peer-Reviewed Journal—A Comprehensive Guide through the Editorial Process. This text has seen sales success in at least 16 countries and currently is in its third edition. Since 1996, Mr. Smith has written and published an additional 11 books on a variety of topics in which he has experience. He also has published several works for other authors as well. A terminal heartfelt thanks belong to Staci Roberts Beam for her motivation and inspiration.