•  BGS (Bachelor of General Studies) with a triple focus in English, journalism, and business administration; Nicholls State University


•  MFA candidate (completed coursework, written thesis, and oral defense) in Communications with a concentration in television video and film production; University of New Orleans



•  While in undergraduate school full-time, analyzed curricula from 21 universities nationwide, and developed a program for consideration by the Louisiana Board of Regents for a bona fide degree track in technical/professional communications under the department of general studies.

•  Conceived and developed the University of New Orleans’ first course on book and periodical publishing.

•  Conceived, developed, and submitted a proposal to institute a degreed curriculum for book and periodical publishing at the University of New Orleans.

•  Conceived, developed, and submitted a proposal for implementing a university press for the University of New Orleans.

•  Coordinated, categorized, and organized the University of New Orleans entire video archives.