Louisiana Film and Video Magazine

The images and text on this page were published in various issues of the Louisiana Film and Video Magazine.

Issue 6 - October 2009


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60-Second Interview with Cook Allender, Still Photographer

Filming on Oak Street

Education Opportunities in New Orleans Film Industry

Issue 7 - November 2009


Grand Isle, LA—An Underused Resource

The Greening of the Louisiana Film Industry

Louisiana Production Index - 2010


Issue 8 - December 2009/December 2010


Entertainment Company Opens in New Orleans

Film Scoring in New Orleans

Issue 1 - February 2010


UNO Offers Film Degrees—and Invaluable Experience

When People are the Location

Holy Portable Power Source—It's the Battman!

City of Fountains and Carousels

60-Second Interview with Katherine Miller (photos only)

Issue 2 - March 2010

Location, Location, Location—Exploring Louisiana's Widely Diverse Landscape

Florida Citrus Groves in Plaquemines Parish

Stunt Pros Soar into Films

Finding Your Voice with Voice-Over Artistry

60-Second Interview with Sam Sullivan, Script Supervisor

The 411 on 4:4:4—New Orleans' Newest HD Provider

Issue 3 - April 2010


Films in the Forest with Resident David Sullivan

Singing on the Silver Screen

Assume the Position with Tac One Ops

Issue 4 - May 2010

The Cajun Coast of Hollywood South

From Herbal Cigarettes to Smoke Machines, Get Your Supplies at Ra Shop on Historic Oak Street

Want to Play Music in Films? New Orleans Musicians Union Can Help Prepare You

Issue 5 - July 2010

A Private Screening Room . . . for the Public

C.C. Adcock: A Musician's Journey into Filmmaking, Film Performances, and Film Scoring

Dressing Up with Jennifer Johnson

From Major League to Major Motion Pictures—A Talk with Frank Lee Wills

History on Display—Louisiana Film Museum No Open in New Location

Purchasing Personal Story Rights (headshot only)

Issue 6 - September 2010

21st Annual New Orleans Film Festival

Renaissance Woman Among Us—Veleka Gray Pays Her Dues

Cajun Hell—Legacy of a Rocker

Land of Opportunity—Documentary Screens in New Orleans

Issue 7 - October 2010


From Cheese To Jesus

The Greening of Treme

Making Scary and Ugly with Changeling FX

The Evolution of Louisiana's Filmmakers (headshot only)

Issue 8 - November-December 2010

Investigating in New Orleans

Stunts, Music Videos, and Filmmaking

The Power of Few

There's No Place Like Home

From Street To Screen (headshot only)

Lerner Loves Louisiana (headshot only)

Issue 2 - August 2011

New Orleans a Winner with Wheel of Fortune