Mr. Smith is from a diverse line of musical roots. His father is one of the original radio announcers for the King Biscuit Flour Hour at KFFA radio station in Helena, Arkansas. The elder Smith still plays organ at 82 years of age as does his mother who also had formal voice training growing up. Mr. Smith's sister taught him to play guitar while he was in high school, where he played in several bands, and they frequently played together and with their mother's sister's husband who played fiddle and guitar. Mr. Smith's first instrument, however, was banjo, taught to him by his mother's brother, who also plays keyboard. Mr. Smith then picked up alto saxophone from a girlfriend while in his 20s, but guitar always has been his first love.


Playing on and off for years, he found much time to play his Fender DG-11E dreadnought guitar while evacuated for 5 months in Memphis, TN following Hurricane Katrina. Here he was befriended by a number of singer/songwriters such as Nancy Apple, Cowboy Bob Sawyer, and Susie Salley, among others. Thanks to the generosity of these fellow musicians, Mr. Smith was invited to play twice a week at McGinnis and Kudzu's.




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